ACS Technical Products Plant

Our History

ACS Technical Products has developed and manufactured a variety of chemical products since 1933. Starting with resin manufacturing, solvent reclaiming and fuel/lubricant additives, we expanded our chemical capabilities to include the epoxidation of vegetable oils, soy-based polyols and other large volume batch reactions. Our constant innovations, development of new applications and creation of new markets put us at the forefront of the industry and positions ACS as a global leader in manufacturing and distribution of specialty epoxy compounds.

Today, we're bringing bio-based chemical platforms to the world. Our goal is to continue striving for excellence with unique technologies, developing high-quality solutions and creating value for our customers.

Our Capabilities

As a focused company, our strengths lie in our expert technical staff who can take technologies from laboratory bench scale to pilot plant quantities to developing full commercial scale production. The use of hydrogen peroxide as a key reactant in creating epoxides is central to our technological expertise. We use our core epoxidation knowledge to extend our capabilities into other intermediates and products such as plasticizers, stabilizers and thermoset resins.

Our facilities also allow us the flexibility to adapt and fit the needs of our customers who may need a customized or creative solution quickly. Having the ability to focus our attention on customer service, resulting in a streamlined path to market, sets our premium bio-based applications apart from the competition.

ACS capabilities diagram

Our Commitment to the Environment

At ACS, we're committed to managing our business and operating our facilities in a socially responsible manner. Our programs are maintained and implemented to foster a safe work environment in effort to protect human health and the environment as well as enhance sustainable development.

We have programs in place to minimize environmental impacts for air, water and solid waste. Our key areas of focus include:

  • Designing facilities that incorporate source reduction of hazardous materials
  • Reusing by-product streams
  • Optimizing processes
  • Utilizing efficient technologies for effluent treatment
  • Identifying and minimizing risks associated with industrial manufacturing
  • Handling and transporting raw materials and products in a responsible manner
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Quality & Certifications

ACS is committed to being the leader in developing the highest quality and most innovative bio-based applications on the market. Our operation is ISO 9001:2015 with Design and Kosher certified. We work tirelessly to develop and implement strict policies and standards to ensure the safety of our staff and products while delivering superior products. We're proud that our facilities and processes have earned the highest level of certifications and that we continually improve our products and services for our customers.