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Bio-Based / Non-Migratory

ACS Technical Products produces a range of bio-based plasticizers to suit a variety of applications—from low to high molecular weight—that are engineered to deliver a variety of performance properties. Unlike conventional ester plasticizers, our products are phthalate-free and do not have the adverse health and safety concerns of phthalate plasticizers. Their excellent solvency and compatibility provide distinct advantages over many benzoate and phthalate plasticizers including migration-resistance, non-yellowing properties and pigment/filler wetting.

Our higher molecular weight plasticizers are exceptionally suited for high end PVC systems that benefit from efficient plasticization, low color, excellent clarity, high efficiency, acid scavenging and stabilization.

Epoxol® 9-5

Plasticizer, Acid Scavenger, Epoxy Modifier

An exceptional high oxirane epoxidized linseed oil suited for plasticizer, acid scavenging, epoxy modifier and pigment dispersant applications that require maximum oxirane levels such as medical equipment, coatings and agricultural chemicals. Product Details

Epoxol® 7-4

Plasticizer, Acid Scavenger

A high oxirane epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) created with our unique manufacturing process that’s effective in applications such as PVC, coatings, food wrap film and lubricants. Product Details

Epoxol® CA118

Plasticizer, Coalescing Agent

A bio-based, zero VOC* (reference TDS) coalescing agent and an environmentally friendly alternative to phthalate and benzoate plasticizers with excellent block resistance and water-resistant properties used in coatings, caulks, sealants and adhesives. Product Details

Epoxol® EM100

Plasticizer, Asphalt Modifier

An aliphatic, bio-derived modifier for asphalt and cement feedstocks. Exceptional compaction aid, anti-strip and low temperature modifier properties for use in Warm Mix Additive (WMA) applications. Product Details

Epoxol® EP159

Plasticizer, Coalescing Agent

A bio-based non-fugitive product that shows good stability and block resistance/dirt pick-up option as an ultra-low VOC coalescent in paints and coatings and plasticizer in caulks, sealants and related chemistries. Product Details

Epoxol® EP193

Plasticizer, Coalescing Agent

A bio-based plasticizer and coalescing agent that exhibits excellent compatibility, good efficiency and flexibility and is not prone to migration issues used in coatings, adhesives, flooring and construction products. Product Details

Epoxol® EMS

Acid Scavenger, Epoxy Modifier, Plasticizer, Thermoset Resin

Bio-based, epoxy-functional methyl ester that can be used as a reactive chemical intermediate or as a non-hazardous viscosity modifier, plasticizer, acid scavenger, or epoxy diluent in a variety of applications. Product Details