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Coalescing Agents

Bio-Based / Zero VOC / Block Resistance

Our coalescing agent platform is designed to lower VOCs, increase coalescent efficiency, improve low and high humidity coalescence and maintain excellent block resistance and dirt pick-up resistance properties. They provide a zero VOC* (reference TDS) alternative to volatile ester alcohols and glycol ethers that is non-yellowing, low viscosity, non-hazardous and improves moisture resistance. It is suitable for use in most water-based emulsions and dispersions including acrylic, PVA, VAE, SBR, self-crosslinking acrylic, polyurethane dispersions (PUD) and hybrid systems.

Epoxol® CA118

Plasticizer, Coalescing Agent

A bio-based, zero VOC* (reference TDS) coalescing agent and an environmentally friendly alternative to phthalate and benzoate plasticizers with excellent block resistance and water-resistant properties used in coatings, caulks, sealants and adhesives. Product Details

Epoxol® EP159

Plasticizer, Coalescing Agent

A bio-based non-fugitive product that shows good stability and block resistance/dirt pick-up option as an ultra-low VOC coalescent in paints and coatings and plasticizer in caulks, sealants and related chemistries. Product Details

Epoxol® EP193

Plasticizer, Coalescing Agent

A bio-based plasticizer and coalescing agent that exhibits excellent compatibility, good efficiency and flexibility and is not prone to migration issues used in coatings, adhesives, flooring and construction products. Product Details