Epoxy-coated steel bridge beam

Epoxol® CA118

Plasticizer / Coalescing Agent

A non-fugitive coalescent and plasticizer with no VOC contribution to paint, when used as recommended. Bio-based and non-yellowing, EPOXOL® CA118 allows the formulation of architectural coatings with good block properties and scrub resistance. The high partitioning coefficient minimizes dirt pick up and aids in low humidity coalescence. EPOXOL® CA118 has excellent compatibility with a wide variety of emulsion systems. The high bio-derived content makes EPOXOL® CA118 an excellent choice for renewable formulations. The product may also be used as a non-hazardous alternative to benzoate, phthalate and citrate ester plasticizers in coatings, sealants, adhesives and caulk formulations.

Functions & Benefits

Coalescing Agent

EPOXOL® CA118 is a zero VOC* (reference TDS) coalescing agent for paints, coatings, elastomers, adhesives, caulks and sealants. It is superior at suppressing the Tg of latex emulsions and its high partitioning coefficient makes it an excellent choice to minimize any property loss of your system. EPOXOL® CA118 has a low HLB and is very hydrophobic, increasing the moisture resistance of most coating formulations.

  • Highly Efficient Coalescing Agent
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Bio-Based Technology
  • No/Low Odor
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Compatible with a Wide Variety of Latex Systems
  • Does Not Contribute to VOCs of a Typical Paint
  • Low HLB, Very Hydrophobic
  • Cost savings vs. ester alcohol


EPOXOL® CA118 is a non-hazardous, non-migratory plasticizer for use in a wide variety of applications including coatings, elastomers, sealants, adhesives, PVC and related technologies. EPOXOL® CA118’s high solvency, high plasticization properties make it an excellent option in a variety of different applications. It is an excellent non-hazardous option for phthalate plasticizers. EPOXOL® CA118 may be used in similar applications as di-benzoate plasticizers when improved non-migration, non-volatile properties are desired.

  • Highly Efficient Coalescing Agent
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Bio-Based Technology
  • No/Low Odor
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Does Not Contribute to VOCs
  • Very Low Viscosity

Markets & Applications


  • Zero VOC Option for Volatile Coalescing Agents
  • Bio-Based Aliphatic Plasticizer Option for Phthalates and Benzoates
  • Environmentally-Friendly, Non-Hazardous Plasticizers for Caulks & Sealants
  • Roof Coatings and Membranes
  • Flooring Products
  • Nitrocellulose, CAB and Acrylic Coatings
  • Pigment Dispersion and Colorants Vehicle
  • Concrete Coatings
  • Plasticizer for Polyaspartic, Urethane, Polyester, Acrylic and Epoxy Products
  • Non-Volatile Solvent for Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Polymer and Emulsion Modifier
  • Moisture and Vapor Barrier Coatings
  • Protective, Marine and Rail Coatings
  • Architectural Paints

Packaging Options

Package Drum Tote Tank Truck Railcar
Description 55 gallon Steel w/ lining 275 gallon IBC tote w/camlock ball valve, viton gasket Tank truck must be cleaned, dry, odor free w/ wash ticket Dedicated Tank Car
Weight (lbs)
420/455 2,050/2,175 45,000 Net 185,000+ Net