Powder resin coating applied to wheel


Thermoset Resin

BAER XP9500 is a highly functional, bio-based aliphatic liquid epoxy resin designed for baked coatings, powder coatings, adhesives and composites. It can be used as the sole curing agent or blended with other epoxies for heat cured systems. The product has high functionality and is reactive with suitable polyester and acrylic resins for 1K coatings.

Curing temperatures range from 150-220 °C in two to 30 minutes in the presence of a suitable catalyst. Higher temperatures shorten the cure time. When completely cured, the films and binder matrix have excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Typical applications include thermoset coatings (coil, packaging, industrial, powder), composites and adhesives. BAER XP9500 is non-hazardous, formaldehyde-free, BPA-free and epichlorohydrin-free.

Functions & Benefits

This new liquid 1K thermoset resin chemistry, based on BAER (Bio-Based Aliphatic Epoxy Resin) technology with high performance is designed for coil coatings, packaging coatings and general industrial baked coatings. The highly functional BAER technology platform is BPA-free, formaldehyde-free, anhydride-free and non-toxic. It produces very durable finishes with excellent mechanical and chemical-resistant properties. The technology provides very long pot life and shelf stable formulations.

  • Bio-Based Technology
  • High Functionality
  • Low Viscosity
  • Ultra-Low VOCs
  • Non-Hazardous

Markets & Applications


  • Industrial Coatings
  • Composites
  • Powder Coatings
  • Structural Adhesives
  • Elastomers


  • Coil Coatings
  • Packaging Coatings
  • General Industrial
  • Bake Coating Systems
  • Appliance Finishes
  • Implement Enamels
  • Solid Surface Resins

Technical Data Sheets

Packaging Options

Package Drum Tote Tank Truck Railcar
Description 55 gallon Steel w/ lining 275 gallon IBC tote w/camlock ball valve, viton gasket Tank truck must be cleaned, dry, odor free w/ wash ticket Dedicated Tank Car
Weight (lbs)
450/485 2,300/2,425 45,000 Net 185,000 Net