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Thermoset Resins

Bio-Based / Non-Hazardous

We’ve developed a new generation of liquid thermoset resin technology built on our exclusive BAER™ (Bio-Based Aliphatic Epoxy Resin) technology platform. This highly functional resin platform is BPA-free, formaldehyde-free and non-hazardous/non-toxic. It’s ideal for 1K baking systems, providing excellent adhesion and impact resistance without compromising hardness.

Additionally, our BAER™ technology is zero VOC with no reactive volatile products and is easily convertible to water-based systems. Its aliphatic composition provides excellent exterior durability and is suitable for clear, pigmented and high gloss finishes. It dries fast and exhibits excellent water, solvent, stain and chemical resistance.


Thermoset Resin

Our BAER technology changes the way you think about thermoset coatings. It’s non-hazardous and produces films with excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance and is designed for use with carboxyl-functional acrylics and polyesters. Product Details

Epoxol® EMS

Acid Scavenger, Epoxy Modifier, Plasticizer, Thermoset Resin

Bio-based, epoxy-functional methyl ester that can be used as a reactive chemical intermediate or as a non-hazardous viscosity modifier, plasticizer, acid scavenger, or epoxy diluent in a variety of applications. Product Details