Our Products

At ACS, we use our in-house expertise and technology to develop bio-based platforms with renewable resources that can function in a variety of applications. We strive to produce the most user-friendly, non-hazardous products in the industry and hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, ensuring that our products always provide superior value and performance.

Plastic wrapped copper wires


Our phthalate-free plasticizers are available in a range of molecular weights and suitable in a variety of applications that provide excellent performance properties. These products are considered non-hazardous and highly efficient with excellent functionality. Learn More
Medical PVC tubing and syringe

Acid Scavengers & Stabilizers

We produce epoxidized products known for the ability to be efficient scavengers of halogen, carboxylic and mineral acids. They are excellent scavengers and stabilizers in a variety of products such as PVC. Learn More
Close up of blue, red, and yellow paint

Coalescing Agents

Lower VOCs and improve coalescent properties with our zero VOC* (reference TDS), bio-based technology. These agents improve coalescent efficiency, minimize blocking properties and improve dirt pick-up resistance. Learn More
Two men rolling epoxy onto floor

Epoxy Diluents & Modifiers

Our functional epoxy diluent technology is epichlorohydrin-free and BPA-free. Available in a range of functionalities, eliminates hazard profiles associated with standard glycidyl ether diluents while improving performance properties. Learn More
Close up of three parked pieces of heavy equipment

Thermoset Resins

New liquid 1K chemistry based on BAER™ (Bio-Based Aliphatic Epoxy Resin) technology is exterior durable and high performance. The highly functional BAER™ technology platform is BPA-free, formaldehyde-free and non-toxic. Learn More
Composite resin bathroom sink

Composite Resins

Our new BAER™ technology platform offers a next generation stone composite binder matrix that is bio-based, styrene-free, anhydride-free and non-toxic without compromising mechanical strength or performance properties. Learn More
Black resin coated wheel

Powder Coating Resins

New BAER™ (Bio-Based Aliphatic Epoxy Resin) is a powder coating system game changer. TGIC-free, BPA-free and non-toxic, BAER™ technology may be used in durable, super durable and GMA acrylic applications with distinct performance advantages. Learn More
Winding asphalt road

Asphalt Modifiers

Improve rheology/viscosity, application and mechanical properties with our bio-based, non-hazardous asphalt and construction modifiers that exhibit excellent compatibility with common liquid asphalt cement feedstocks. Learn More