Medical PVC tubing and syringe

Acid Scavengers & Stabilizers

Bio-Based / High Oxirane

Our products are efficient scavengers of halogen, carboxylic and mineral acids that assist in preventing the damaging effects these acids can have on high quality products and processing equipment.

Products containing halogens tend to generate halogen acids particularly in the presence of other materials such as water and/or organic compounds and at elevated temperatures. Our products help prevent the decomposition process, attacks in metal containers and corrosion while protecting processing equipment. Our products provide the highest quality, functionality and oxirane content, making them very efficient acid scavengers and stabilizers.

Epoxol® 9-5

Plasticizer, Acid Scavenger, Epoxy Modifier

An exceptional high oxirane epoxidized linseed oil suited for plasticizer, acid scavenging, epoxy modifier and pigment dispersant applications that require maximum oxirane levels such as medical equipment, coatings and agricultural chemicals. Product Details

Epoxol® 7-4

Plasticizer, Acid Scavenger

A high oxirane epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) created with our unique manufacturing process that’s effective in applications such as PVC, coatings, food wrap film and lubricants. Product Details

Epoxol® EMS

Acid Scavenger, Epoxy Modifier, Plasticizer, Thermoset Resin

Bio-based, epoxy-functional methyl ester that can be used as a reactive chemical intermediate or as a non-hazardous viscosity modifier, plasticizer, acid scavenger, or epoxy diluent in a variety of applications. Product Details